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Boca Bearings Expands Performance Racing Product Line

Time:30 Nov,2007
Boca Bearings Expands Performance Racing Product Line The Boca Bearing Company is proud to announce their newly expanded line of bearings and lubrication products for the Performance Racing markets. Boca Bearings is fast becoming the leader in ceramic technology and high speed/high heat lubrications amongst racing professionals. New bearing sizes and lubrications are now available off the shelf, for Motorcycles, Midget Cars, Go Karts and more. Boca Bearings will unveil their new line of products at the Performance Racing International show in Orlando, FL on December 6-8, 2007, booth #718. Full Ceramic, sealed bearings are here! There is no denying the benefits of Ceramic technology in a bearing application, but the harsh environments of the Performance Racing Industry prevented the widespread adoption. With the introduction of teflon sealed, full ceramic radial and insert style bearings however, the solution has arrived. Full ceramics offer the least resistance of all bearings, they are significantly lighter than steel, will never corrode and require little or no lubrication. As well as the Full Ceramic Bearings, the Boca Bearing Company has also increased their selection of Ceramic Hybrid Bearings. High performance, ceramic hybrid, radial and insert bearings are available in a wide assortment of configurations for all your racing needs. Quality stainless steel races, silicon nitride balls and the different seal/shield/retainer options are sure to meet the demand for speed and endurance at an affordable price. Lastly, Boca Bearings is able to offer their new Ultra Dry Lube (UDL) process for Motorcycles, Midget Cars, Go Karts and more. If cleanliness, durability and speed are the goal then Boca's Ultra Dry Lube is the best solution. This process will molecularly bond less than a half micron to any metal substrate and has a co-efficient of friction which is less than half that of graphite. Use it on bearings, chains, piston heads or any engine component that will benefit from lubrication. F1 and Motorcycle race professionals have benefited from this NASA developed process for years. UDL dry lube can be used completely dry or can be enhanced with the slightest amount of lubrication, oil or grease, to make it even slicker.

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