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Hangzhou Shen Bearing Co., Ltd. , established in 1995, is a professional enterprise of researching, developing and producing bearings and bearing cage.

Our company is located in the famous Hangzhou West Lake, the southern bank of Qiantang River, situated next to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, so the traffic is very convenient.

The major products are : high-quality bearings for the automotive, motorcycles, power tools, engineering, mining machinery and other industries which is with high visibility in the field of mechanical transmission .

Company products in the domestic market have a higher share, and have been exported to the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea and other overseas countries.

The workshop is equipped with a designated production line for Korean modern products and our company is a qualified supplier of NOVA / TCB and SCHAEFFLER GROUP (Schaeffler Group).

Our company has advanced design and manufacturing technology, and is equipped with advanced complete test, testing, production equipment, product technology level reaches the domestic advanced level of similar products.

Our company occupies 15000 square meters and the floorage occupies 28000 square meters; registered capital of 29 million yuan, 16.58 million yuan in fixed assets, current assets of 32.18 million yuan;  and has over 200 employees, including college, senior technical staff accounted for about 30%.

Our company has more than 10 years experience in the development and production of bearings, and completes the independent design and development and production and processing according to customer requirements.

Our company has more than 200 sets of bearing production testing equipment, including double-face grinder, CNC raceway grinding machine, CNC internal grinding machine and other finishing equipment, as well as profiler, roundness meter, projector, projection universal measuring instrument, bearing vibration measuring instrument and other advanced testing equipment. The products’ bore size ranges from 15mm to 120mm of meter and inch taper roller bearings by more than 500 species, the production of precision mainly by P0,P6,P5.

Our company has 20 years of bearing cage design and processing experience.

Our company has a professional mold development team and mold processing equipment, and is able to complete design and processing according to the requirements of customers .

And our company has more than 100 stamping equipment, mainly including CNC lathes, walking thread cutting, mold grinder, and so on.

In addition, our company also produces metal, nylon, bakelite and other materials bearing cage.

In recent years, with the huge fluctuations in the global economic situation, our company has significantly reduced production orders, bacause many customers have chosen conservative management.

At the same time, our company continues to improve product quality , increase the technical strength of innovation, and  strive for the establishment of automated assembly line, which not only reduces labor intensity, but also stabilizes  old and new employees.

The host supporting plants of the company are: Shandong Lingong, Hefei axle, Shanghai GM, FAW hippocampus, FAW-Volkswagen, etc. Products are praised  by users because of its excellent performance, reliable quality, reasonable price and other characteristics. Therefore, our company not only  has a good market prospect, but also leads the technological innovation of  the domestic bearing industry products. It shows very good social benefits.

In order to adapt to the fierce market competition, our company focused on building and development of the management system, and strive to build a high-quality management team, and according to their own characteristics of enterprise management innovation. Shenshi bearing from product design, raw material selection, production control, product inspection, warehousing, logistics, and other all the links have a strict quality guarantee system and keep the integrity and traceability of quality records.

In 2001 as "national quality inspection standard enterprise", the same year the company was named "Zhejiang province high quality bearing"; in July 2002 the first through the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, in March 2007 to upgrade and conversion through the ISO/TS16949:2002 international quality management system certification, and upgrade again in February 2013 through the ISO/TS16949:2009 international quality management system certification, the current number of 0231572IATF certificate expires in September 14, 2018; in 2011 -2015, the company through the power balance test, and two times through the acceptance of clean production enterprise; the company has obtained 10 national patents, 1 invention patents; December 2011, Zhejiang kefagao 2011 Document No. 257, announced that Hangzhou Shenshi bearing Ltd. in 2011 as the science and technology enterprises in Zhejiang province; in 2014 the company received safety standard Level three enterprise certificate.

In the following years, we will build an extension to laboratories and technology centers to meet the needs of product researching and development, introducing advanced equipments and talents to adjust the rapid development of our company. At the points of technological innovation,we will take the route of R&D cooperation with universities and research institutes,enhancing the grade of the core technology and the independent intellectual property rights of our products.

We strive for innovation goals for the development of several new products every year, and implement the achievements, research and development of new products and promptly declare national patent. We will struggle to the goal of innovation, realizing our products to high-level market and turning Shenshi Bearing into an excellent global supplier in automotive parts industry.

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